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Navigo on a Mission

Navigo Taxis are actively working on our core values on accountability, integrity and trust, placing great value on the relationship that exists between our company, our customers and our business partners. Operating a busy taxi service in Exeter means we have the privilege of meeting many people from different backgrounds. We strive to apply these high ethical standards in our dealings with all people equally regardless of gender, age, ability or culture.

We continue to grow our business thoughtfully offering employment opportunities throughout multi generational and cross cultural borders. We regularly extend charitable donations by supporting fundraising events and build sustainability into the very heart of our transport operations.

Navigo and the Environment

Navigo believes that reducing emissions goes hand in hand with a cleaner, greener city. Our office is paper free and our cars are washed using filtered and recycled water.

Navigo and Technologies

Navigo taxis are laden with technologies with the aim of improving customer experience and safety. Some of these technology components include:

  • Telematics to actively deliver a safe driving experience: speeding, tail gating, sharp cornering, sudden stops are managed for each journey. Our drivers receive constant feedback to help improve their driving style and, if needed, undertake advanced driving courses.
  • Forward and reverse cameras are installed in some of our vehicle for customer and driver safety.
  • Keyless entry systems.
  • Advanced navigation with traffic information to get passengers to their destination with minimum delay.

Navigo and Pets

Navigo do not permit any pets in their vehicles with the exception of guide dogs.

Navigo and Vehicles

Navigo do not permit the consumption of any food, drink, smoking or vaping in any of our vehicles. There is a £150.00 soiling charge so please do not put yourself in a position where you would incur these charges.

Navigo's employee have the right to work in a safe environment and we take a zero tolerate stance on abuse. We encourage a respectful relationship between employees and customers.

Navigo do not accept any responsibility, beyond our control, for missed trains , flights or any other appointments. On occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances delays may occur due to traffic delays, breakdown, accidents, severe weather or any other circumstances.  We will endeavour to contact you to advise of any delays in the arrival of your taxi, however this may not always be possible.